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Software trying to force update on MAC
I have the latest xyzprinting software, dowloaded from their website 10/17/14, installed on my Mac. When I hook the USB from my printer to the mac, a "update to latest firmware" notice pops up on the top center of the window trying to upgrade my firmware to 1.2.3. I don't want to upgrade to 1.2.3! The popup is totaly in the way of the import function among other options used in the program. Is there a way of getting rid of this annoyance or perhaps prior mac software that doesn't have this aggravation? :S I've been importing then editing my files then connecting the USB cable as a work around but sooner or later I feel I'll accidently push the upgrade button if I can't find solution.
I tried to downgrade my firmware, with the newest software for the mac that I already had installed as mentioned previously. ....bad idea! I was connected to the internet, to get the firmware update option, in the xyzware software, and then disconnect from the internet to try to obtain a browser as to select a file for a G or a J firmware downgrade .....didn't work. The 1.2.3 software was pre fetcheched by the xyzware software and installed!

1.Uninstall xyzware
2.Download little snitch and block the app from your network.
3.with an app deleter (it will find hidden strays and such)
4.while you are disconnected from the net, install either 1.0.9 or 1.1.1.

I'm know 1.0.9 is stable after these steps, but preffer using 1.1.1 when not using slicer.

Follow the hardware jumper reset you can find here and load G as it's most stable.

***After your load the new firmware wether it's G or J, MUST CALIBRATE.

Every time you load new Firmware calibrate your printer.

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