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Replacement Hotend/extruder
After trying to print with Laywoo-d3 (and jamming my hot end a few time) I have broken my hot end (the heating element wires broke off) while trying to clear the blockage.

Besides dumping my printer in the trash as there is no official replacement parts, is there a 3rd party hotend/extruder I can use?

Or is there a replacement heating unit for the hot end I can use?

I don't want to replace me Da Vinci as it has a good bed size (200x200x200)
Pretty much any 12v heater cartridge you find on Ebay will work. This will also give you the opportunity to scrap the stock connector and replace it with a Dean's connector that will survive the high current the heater draws. It's amazing to me that they used a FAN connector on this!

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