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Grinding and not printing to the left
Recently (before the new firmware though), the printer started grinding and not feeding filament.

But only on the left side of the bed. I can do a full print if I keep it to the right side of the bed. No issues, but to the left, nope. I have changed cartridges, still does it. cleaned the tip, manually held/fed the filament, but no joy. It's not a positional thing with the filament.

Any suggestions?
Is your bed higher on the left side and not leaving enough room to extract the filament? At one point I calibrated my bed incorrectly (too high) and the extruder would just click without pushing anything out. If its only happening on the left side thats the first thing Id check.
As I'm pretty much a neophyte in this area (I bought the XYZ based solely on price point and good reviews on amazon, next one will be a larger custom build), any good guides for calibrating the bed? (EDIT: RTFM noob Tongue , found it)

That makes sense as when I made a 2x2x6" open top box the other day with 3/32" walls, the layers were pulling up a bit on the extreme edge on the right side, meaning that side may be a bit low.
+355, +275, +305.

Ayup.... outa whack.

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