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Print Distortion
Hello to every one.

I have DA VINCI 1.0 one week now and i have problem with model distortion.

Printer when start printing all it's ok. After a 1/2 hour the object start distortion.

Please take a look in picture attached. Picture position is taken as printer print from front.

I'm have firmware 1.1.J and XYZ software

Thanks for any help.

[Image: IMG_05541.jpg]
Are you using the glue?

It looks to me like your print starts curling off the bed mid print.

Yes of course i use glue.
I battled the same issue for so long I ended up flashing custom firmware so I could raise the bed temp 5 degrees and a brim in slic3r. I had moderate success using stock firmware and software using ABS slurry, but it was hit or miss and still had a problem with parts fitting together. With custom firmware and slic3r I now have perfect bed adhesion and parts fit, the quality just needs a little tweaking specifically around top layer fill, get some gaps/holes every now and then. Aside from bed adhesion stock quality was good if I wasn't printing anything that needed to be precise.
As said above, you typically want to increase bed adhesion to prevent that kind of warping. This can be done by a number of ways: increase bed temperature (I often go with 120), use glue, ABS juice (this can be REALLY sticky) or alternatives such as BuildTak. Also using a generous brim around the object helps a lot, but for this you need to use custom slicing settings (which you can accomplish with the hacked XYZ software found in this forum, no need to flash Repetier for that). Also lowering the speed at which the first layer is printed can help.
After a lot of test, increase the temperatures for Bed and Filament to 95C and 230C and now the printings is perfect.

Thanks for your suggestions
Glad you are getting acceptable results. Are you going 95/230 for the entire print or just the first layer?
For entire print used XYZ software and 1.1.J fw. Temperatures set to eprom used Arduino and filaments its third party brand ABS.

I'm lost many hours with moded XYZ and slic3r without success. I will try again of course. At this time all prints are excellent.

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