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EEprom Read/Write
I am totally lost. I done the simple firmware hack through XYZ ware. I have been using repetier for a week or more. All is great except I am wanting to change the max extrude temp from 240 to something else. I have Arduino downloaded. I don't see any option to read the code that is on the Arduino. I am totally new to Arduino and don't know what I am doing wrong. I tried a predone read and it just hung forever. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
you need the source code of the firmware you used not the compiled one, arduino ide need the source code
This is what I used

How do I go from there? Thank you for your assistance. I have dealt with eeproms alot in the past with car ecu's and standalone megasquirt ecu's but never arduino.
this the binary
but you need to use the variant .cpp and put in arduino directory
the source code for this fw is there
I am pretty sure there is a walkthrough somewhere in forum for copy variant.cpp and set correct configuration for arduino to connect arduino
Ok. So I have gotten arduino uploading the files. When I do I get black bars of doom. If I do a bossac flash with the testdavinci.bin it will take it back to davinci .91 and work. Is there a way of compiling the repetier ino into a bin so I can just flash with bossac or is that the problem? If someone wants to talk on irc or skype or facebook I will. I just need some help to get this temperature limit updated beyond 240. I changed it in both places in the config.h file. All I want now is to get it uploaded.
did you followed this ?
In previous message I saw you used wrong IDE and wrong board

did you switch off then on after flashing ? sometimes it is needed
I did but I deleted it soon as I realized that. I took parts from that guy. I done everything but flash back to xyz ware because that won't/shouldn't help. It loads repetier fine from the precompiled dav test bin. It doesn't work with the source code provided from the other link properly. I have turned it on off, cleared it with 1200 baud, and cleared it with jp1 jumping. I believe it is the issue is I need to decompile the davtest bin but I don't know how.
once you have the right ide and selected board
you can use the source from
select the branch DaVinci
the source is in src\ArduinoDUE\Repetier\ and select repetier.ino

compilation/upload is done using arduino ide
Thank you. It was the wrong branch. I didn't notice the branch's for it. Thank you it works perfect now.

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