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PSU Dead
I think the expletive begins with a great big B!!!

Right in the middle of a print and boom! the printer dies, like dead, nothing Sick

Looks like the PSU has given up the ghost and its only 4 months old. I brought it from Studica here in the UK, fortunately on me credit card, so I guess they will have one unhappy customer on the phone come Monday morning. :angry:
Just a quick thought, does anyone have a circuit diagram for the printer or, know what the outputs are voltage wise, for the PSU. It occurs to me that it might be possible to use a PC PSU externally to power the printer. As I have a spare of one of these, this would be a nice quick fix :evil:

Yes I think it is possible to put a PC power supply (Anyway saw the fan noise of the power of DaVinci when the bed is heated, it does not even ETONE me it is blown)

I am willing to help you, but I'm not at all sure it's going to work, I hope the board does not have grilled with.
On the left of the motherboard you have two square connectors. Top that of (White) is the one of the bed (2 + 12V and GND 2): I'll use the connector for the CPU (4-pin ATX) but watch the wire are perhaps not aligned such
The bottom (Black) is more complicated. You can retrieve the ground, +12 V (Yellow), the +5 V (red) and +3.3 V (Orange) on SATA socket, but you must cut the wire feeding the Da Vinci to retrieve the connector and welding wire feeding PC above.

Then to start feeding, you can connect power button like this:
(Version 2 = 24 pins and 20 pins = Version 1)

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