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New firmware 1.2.3
The new Firwmare of Da Vinci is available, it is called 1.2.3
I'll test it right away and I'll let you know

Edit1: The acceleration in Z axis has been greatly increased, it is much less violent during ascent / Decent. The speed remains identical
Edit2: Back to Repetier no works with the old software XYZ, the printer refuses to update. Remove the rear panel to reset
I can confirm the no more reverting firmware using the offiline method. Printer responds with UPDATING FAIL [OK] TO RETURN.
So 123 is a one way street? I also will assume that our cartridge resetting tool won't work?
I just voluntarily upgraded (that's the kind of guy I am) - while I test the compatibility, please refrain from updating -- so far I see no major improvements (no even the z-axis speed up). Beware of who posts entries in this and other forums saying it's ok to upgrade, or that there are some major improvements in the new firmware. If your printer is printing fine than why risk to brake it? Quality improvements can only come from a better slicer AND hardware modifications (bearings etc). I doubt this will ever come from firmware.

By the way, printing a sample design (which I use for tuning) yields NO quality improvements, therefore the changes must be in the "processing" area. All I can confirm is that you can't downgrade anymore by software if you upgrade to 1.2.3 so this is in no way a major update (for the better) for the end-user. I also confirm that the acceleration is smother and shorter when moving in the Z axis, but the speed is the same (slow).

The other "noticeable" change I've seen so far is that the printer buzzes 3 times when it receives the job file or just about for any reason - more alerting I guess ...

Even if a posts (mine or any posts) says that the the resetters work, it does not mean that a new firmware doesn't have a way to lock the printer remotely as it happened to some users which upgraded to 1.2.0 last month. Be smart and do your own research or stick with what works.

1.1.J does NOT have the remote capability to validate/lock your printer.

No one can tests what's to come or what 'switches' the new bios has (not easily, without debugging the new firmware - let me know if you want a copy of it) but we DO know that 1.1.J works. Period.

Resetters seems to work fine. HOWEVER this does not mean that they can not block the cartridge remotely at any time - the firmware IS different - something has changed in the matrix - so the message remains. Don't upgrade unless you have to. Stick to J.

Curious, what do you mean remotely? If I create a firewall rule in the XYZ software on my desktop, my printer has no way to receive information right? I mean I guess they could ship some new cart that updated the printer, but I don't plan on using any but the 4 or 5 I have now.

What I mean to say is I accidentally upgraded, what precautions should I be taking to make sure I don't brick this thing, and can continue to print with reset carts?
Firewall is a good thing to have (that would be the first thing to do). I would encourage everyone to firewall the xyz app since it is known report back to xyz your print and cartridge activity when the internet is detected - just use a sniffer and you'll see all the connections going in/out for yourself (I hate spyware!).

Just be aware that there other ways that the cartridge reset 'block' could work (without internet access) and for now it may just be dormant - I am not going to explain here how these mechanisms work on here obviously as I do not want to train xyz's techs Tongue

Anyway, beside firewalling, there is not much to add and as far as I can tell firmware 1.2.3 does not seem to have an immediate crippling effect. If you've upgraded, than that's that (can't software revert for now). If you did not upgrade, then wait until a reliable walk-through hardware reset procedure is tested and made available to restore to J so you can still upgrade and revert if they flick the switch Smile

All in all I am hoping XYZ realizes that there hare many (many) people that only purchased the printer because they could reset the cartridge - without these tools, they would not have purchased it (I get emails weekly to this extent) - I think a sales royalty check coming my way is due!

Is it still possible to completely reset the printer (using the jumper method) and then repetier or flash an older 1.1.1G or some such?

I am assuming since that is a hardware feature build into the bootloader of the onboard Due that it isn't something a firmware update should tamper with, but I could be wrong.

Anyone want to test it?
As promised, here is the reliable (simple) way to reset your printer back to version 1.1.J - just in case you start getting issues with 1.2.3. I have added all needed files and an easier to read how-to @ I tested this procedure a few minutes ago and I can say it works perfectly.

First of all, I have one of the latest models (harder to work on because they remove alot of jumpers etc) so if it works on this than it will work on just about any Da Vinci 1.0.

1) Find out what com-port the printer is connected to - use the device manager if you need to. for this example I will call the com-port as COM7 (yours will most likely be different).
2) If you already have the Arduino IDE than just Download the Arduino 1.5.8 (beta) as a ZIP file (windows in this case - other flavors will be similar). Open the zip file and navigate to arduino-xxxxx/hardware/tools and drag the bossac.exe from there to your desktop. if you do not have the Arduino IDE, then install it.
3) Start the Arduino program (new shortcut on desktop after install) and go to Tools->Serial Port to set the port as COM7 (or whatever yours is). Now go to Tools->Serial Terminal (don't worry about the speed, the printer autodetects). Type DAVLCB_0 and watch the LCD light turn off on your printer. Type DAVLCB_1 and watch it turn on again. If this does not work - stop and check everything and do it again. Do not proceed if you can't toggle the light as something is not right (do you have the right com port?).

If the light toggles, then:-

4) get the 3DP01_FW_V1.1.J.bin from this site's software repository and put it on your desktop. you now have bossac.exe and the .bin on the desktop and are ready to do the magic.

5) power off the printer
6) undo the screws and open the back cover of the printer. Look at on the right side for the black AVR chip (can't miss it). to the bottom left of that chip there will be two pins with (or without if you have the later boards) jumper. the jumper has a white rectangle around it and has 2 pins
7) put a jumper on those pins or use tweezers to short the pins and turn on the power switch. Hold the pins shorted for about 2 seconds and then remove the jumper or tweezers and power off the printer.
8 ) turn on the printer again -- windows will detect the port but it will say 'driver not found' -- that's ok.
9) look in device manager and see a new com-port number with 'bossac serial port' as the description. In this example we'll call this COM5
10) Open a command prompt, go to you desktop (cd Desktop) and type the following (I am using COM5 but your port will be different, so use yours):
bossac -p com5 -R -e -w -v -b 3DP01_FW_V1.1.J.bin
11) you will be greeted by the message:
Erase flash
Write 229168 bytes to flash
[====================================] 100%
Verify 229168 bytes of flash
[====================================] 100%
Verify successful
Set boot flash true
CPU reset.

your printer should now reset and come back to life with version J installed (almost done now).

12) Go back to the Arduino Serial Terminal and type DAVERD (and press enter) it will display some serial data and other stats -- we're just testing that we can talk to it.
13) type DAVSSN_XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX and replace the XXXs with your 18 digit serial number printed under the barcode inside the front door on the bed. It begins with 3DP01
14) you'll get an ACKnoledgment from the firmware.
15) close the Serial terminal and reopen it and type: [email protected]:0 (press enter) and it will show your serial number.

That's it! -- start xyzware and in the About section you'll see that you're running version J with the correct serial number and all.

Hope this was simple enough to follow -- I'm now back on version J and soon you will be too!

Sleep for now, but will reply with success or failure tomorrow.
Thanks again.
fr333n3rgy: It's weird, accelerating my Z-axis really changed, it is very very slow.
If XYZ was told that in this firmware when doing a "Pause", head back to home position.
I confirm reset the cartridge still works

Anyway I returned Repetier because I feel much better
I apologize if this is covered somewhere else but I notice here multiple references to firmware J. I have been running firmware G and thought that was the preferred version. (This could be due to me reading posts earlier than J being released). Is there a "best" firmware for use when using a resetter, Slic3r, and modded XYZware and are there any downsides to using firmware J? Thank you.
J firmware works well, I do not know the difference with the G (I think have added cleaning tray in the menu). On J, the printer can detect a reset with serial number cartridge.
But now the serial number increases every reset so the printer does not see it (Always on the J)

On 1.2.3 no idea. fr333n3rgy to explain everything.
I had to revert back to G once I got my XYZPRO . After I reset my 1st cart. I could not get the filament to stick to the bed and the feed speed was very slow. I tried all kinds of slic3r setting and redoing the bed and nothing was working. As soon as I went back to G I have not had a problem. The only 2 things I don't like about G version is the light stays on and there is not a option for cleaning the extruder.

I love the XYZPRO it works great. Smile
J is what we use around here (2 davinci 1.0 and 1 davinci 2.0 due) resetters work fine with it and while there still sniffing going around in version J, it does not have remote shutdown capabilities as 1.2.0 had (happened to one of our users, as his printer would constantly reset when the job with a resetted cartridge started. The day after, when xyz retracted 1.2.0 his printer worked again - (so that capability was definitely 1.2.0 and maybe in 1.2.3).

I always advise people to use J because we use it daily here and can say that it works with confidence. There are minor translation fixes in J that G didn't have (arches are better) but it's not major so really, J or G either are fine (and G gives you 999m). If you're on G - you're not missing much, stay on G - if you want to do the offline J upgrade, go for it (you can always revert if you have issues).

Having said all of that, I can confirm that the hardware walk through above works fine for downgrading 1.2.3 back to 1.1.J so if you want to give it a go and install 1.2.3 ,you could (if you do not mind doing the hardware reset) -- personally, the only thing I saw was more buzzing/alerts to let the user know that files are received etc and the Z-axis slower start/stop ramp-up which may be better for the motors but even that was marginal. Not enough enhancement for me to stay on 1.2.3 but i am sure more back-end code was added (for some reason, which I don't yet know) so I reverted back to J.
Hi Robert, glad you're enjoying the pro.

I really don't have any reports of jobs not sticking from anyone using the pro, but, there are many flavors of xyz printer hardware boards out there so perhaps your motherboard does better on G - some early users did say that they went to G run a few jobs and then back to J and all was well (no idea why this effected anything, but this is what they did) - you can use the offline method to give J another go and go back to G if the printer still has issues or just stay on G - you're not missing much anyway and you can enjoy 999m of filament (J only supports 240m).
thought I would post this for anyone not knowing where that jumper is or in my case was Ill be flashing mine to J today so I can install repetier [URL="/>[/URL]
Hi guys! like the forum so far!

I have noticed the time estimation in the new firmware is no longer reliable. Regardless of the size of my print, it always says 6h28m for the print time. Which is pretty annoying as it's my ex's and my old anniversary date. :angry: . about 1/3 the way through the print it eventually figures out how long it will take, but it's unreliable to start.
A new version of XYZware just released, I do not know if it has a feature control cartridges
Ending up going with Luc's Repetier firmware.

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