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Restore XYZ Firmware back 2 DaVinci
Hey guys this will prolly be one of the few post ill make to this site, i have a very busy work and school schedule so i just don't have the time. I know that the video THE PIT made on YouTube is very hard to follow if you don't have any/much experience playing with firmwares. I am going to make this as straight forward as possible. Your only reading this because you messed up and need to go back to XYZware.

(video url ) ... i am not discrediting him or stealing his ideas! just put them in writing. I actually hope he gets repetier host working perfectly i had a rough time with it so i need more research but i want to print also Smile

1) Download and install Arduino-1.5.8 (
2) locate to bossac file under ( C:\Program Files (x86)\Arduino\hardware\tools ) copy and paste that under the c:\ drive
*** that location is only if you install it with the default location, if you didnt install it there you will know where to find it ***
3) download the appropriate firmware you wan to use ... this case i use 1.1.G looks like this ( 3DP01_20140310_FW_V1.1.G_RELEASE.bin )
3.1) copy and past that as is under the c:\ location as well.
4) Open Arduino and select the com port mine was com4 and make sure the uno board is selected
5) Click on serial monitor and change buad rate to baud1200.
*** I waited till it got to about 9 or 10 mine didn't do a new device drive install but i am sure yours will ! ***
6) Close out arduino
6.1) turn of and back on the Da Vinic ( dont know if that required but i did )
7) Open command prompt and type cd.. ( all the way back till your on the C:\ location ) should be 2 times
8) copy and paste ( bossac -p com19 -R -e -w -v -b 3DP01_20140310_FW_V1.1.G_RELEASE.bin )

****** NOTICE the com port ??? com19 ??? yours will be very different mine was com9 **************

9) it will go through flashing and verifying commands once its finished your DaVinci will reboot.

I wrote this because i had a hard time following the video if you have come this far in modifying you Da Vinci you should have a idea of were the changes will need to be made in restoring the firmware. I didn't have to restore the serial numbers or anything else. I would recommend a re-calibrate and stuff like that test prints and so on.

Thanks hope this helps
Another guide with pictures is in the download section @ - I wrote it after I downgraded my printer to 1.1.J - it works just fine but use at your own risk of course since your hand may slip short the mains and blow up your house (I don't know) ...

Good Luck!

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