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Failing Extruder Heating
Over the last couple of days my printer has thrown out a few dodgy prints and I was left wondering why.
Finally the intermittent fault went full time, no heating of the extruder.
The fault was not as reported elsewhere on the group, but the failing of the glass insulated wires from the connector to the print head. It is not obvious to see this, but by careful inspection of the lines, if this happens, you will find a 'floppy' spot on the cable. This is where it has broken due to being bent back and forth so many times.
I have ordered a couple of replacement heaters, but in the mean time the electricians old favourite fix, strip the cables back, twist em together and a bit of PVC tape over them, works a treat, just aint pretty :lol:
Can you post where you purchased the new extruder. Does anyone know the lifespan of an extruder 200-300-400 hours?
Sure, the ebay link to where I've ordered the heaters is:

To date my printer has 227 hours on the clock and this is the only problem so far. No cracked bearing carriers and circles nice and round. I just in the last two weeks chewed through a full roll of Voltivo filament, getting back into RC and build a couple of multi rota heli's B)

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