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Uneven printing from base up vertically (trapezoidal)
Hello all,

I am running Octave filament with an extruder setting of 220 and a bed temp of 110. As you can see from the photos, I'm getting a strange effect where the walls of the objects I print don't print square to the bed straight up....the denser areas of print are shrinking inwards near the base so that when you look at it from the front after the print, it's like an upside-down trapezoid.

I've attached pictures of the last thing I printed, a AAA-battery case.

I'm running stock XYZ software. (1.1G). I get the same effect when I print an object with anchor pads as well....base shrinks in.

Any suggestions would be appreciated. I'm about to try resetting the chip for the lowest temps available to see if it gets better, printing the same parts.

Could it also be that the Octave filament is just crap?[Image: 20140930_085654.jpg][Image: 20140930_085727.jpg]
Hi Michael,

I certainly think you might have an issue with the filament quality. I do quite a bit of printing on the Da Vinci myself and never seen anything remotely as bad.
I am not in the business of bagging competitors, but you might want to try printing with different filament as a control and to save you hours of troubleshooting time.
This post has some prints with ExcelFil as some other filaments for your comparison:

best regards,

I think Oliver is correct. It seems you have a filament issue. I've used about 6 or 7 different brands. Some claimed to be abs and yet wouldn't melt in acetone. Some were abs and fully dissolved. Xyz filament mostly melts. Guess which i had the least trouble with? (Hint, real abs)

Hopefully this weekend, Oliver. Been so soooooo busy lately. Sad

I had a similar issue that would only happen on small parts (i.e. when each layer takes a very short time to print). If this is your case then you may try any and all of the following suggestions to get rid of the problem (worked for me):

- Use a cooling fan to blow over the filament as it gets extruded (best solution by far)
- Reduce the printing speed for small perimeters a lot (slic3r has a setting for this)
- Reduce the bed temperature
- Print several pieces together so that each layer has time to cool down before the next one is extruded.

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