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Extruder head 1 rubs across last layer of other extruder
So during my latest print I noticed the bed vibrating alot. Taking a closer look, I noticed the cause of this was from the second extruder head rubbing across the ABS layer put down by the other extruder. I checked my calibration and everything is within spec. Is there anything I can do to correct this the rubbing stops?
Im assuming you have a 2.0 - which not many of us have yet. In general, the interference you describe is caused by the extruders not being installed/adjusted correctly. Because I have not worked on the 2, I cant be certain - but I would take a look at the barrels of the extruders because it sounds like on is a bit off. You can verify by using a feeler gauge between the extruders and the bed - there should be no easily measurable difference in distances. You might check with XYZ to be sure before you attempt any adjustment.

I have a 2.0 and never had issue, but I moved out the extruder part several times, and noticed there can be bad positioning, to remove it you must have removed filament first, by removing and put it back you may get better position. Just a suggestion

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