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Access Da Vinci over the network through USB router
So I'm fairly new to the whole 3d printing game but has anyone gotten the Davinci to work through a router with a USB port meant for sharing a printer over the network? It seems to be just using a Com port (Com 3)for the connection so I installed a virtual com port on my computer and pointed it to the IP of the router the DaVInci is connected to.

I created the virtual serial port using:

I then start up the XYZ software and it seems to sort of see it. It reports the bed and extruder but Printing is stuck at 50% when looking at the status.. Looking at the logging of the com port it connects succesfully.

Trying to 3D print something results in an error indicating 'Printer Mismatch" which seems to indicate a driver issue of some sort.
I'm using VirtualHere ( server running on a raspberry pi, and windows clients with great success, so it can be done.

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