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New Duo has 1.1.J firmware...

Got my duo a week or 2 ago, and after printing out the demo samples, wihch worked fine, was wondering why it didn't use 2 colors for the demo objects, so after downloading some 2 cyolor .stl files from xyz, I realized that it statd I have the 1.1.J firmware. I did tell it to update after I installled the sofware, as it popped right up asking me, but think it said 1.1.J was available, not the 2. bin file.Was just getting ready to install Atmel Studio and decided I would post up here and see what you all had to say as support is stumped and hasn't got back to me after 4 days now, and I don't have any 2.x bin files to update it anyway

If both extruded work then the board was possibly programmed with the wrong firmware.


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