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Hot Bed Stopped
Well the hot bed has stopped working, it's got nearly 12volts at the terminals so I think it has gone open circuit. There is a patch about 15mm in near the terminals that has a black burn mark on it... Hmmmmmmm!!!

The cost of replacement is too high $69.00 plus $10.00

I am now using repetier and taking it back under warranty is not an option.

I have ordered a reprap MK3 with wiring and thermistor from China. It is 214x214mm and cost a whole $32.00... Let the experiment start!
Hi Bob. Do you have any update about your "upgrade"?
Hi Larry,

I did get the model 3 with wires and thermistor fitted but I don't need it now, I ended up getting it replaced under warranty because the heat bed wire had parted company during normal use. It took a while, I even had a new printer sent to me by mistake! Looks like I will have a spare in case I need it.... Smile

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