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[tutorial] Reducing the swing bed
I offer different way to reduce the movement of the bed
1) First, make sure that when the engine Z rotates the threaded rod does not swing (I had this problem). If it makes you, unscrew the two screws at the bottom of the module and press it down into the motor shaft. Then you tighten and made ​​you move the tray (Home axis for example). Once resolved, your prints will be improved by over 50%
2) Then I suggest you fix the two ring monk on the right side of the plate. You must remove the stem by removing the two plastic substrates (top and bottom). Then the rod is removed to the right by pushing. I wrapped with tape both bottom monks and I reattached the stem.
The prints will be further improved.
3) what is the step more complicated because you have to remove the tray completely: The 4 plastic substrates that hold the rods are loose, they should be removed and put some paper around the stem and press it into its support (stick them but after this will be difficult to remove).
To remove the tray must also decouple the engine so it can be quite complicated.

Now my plate is moving almost, it remains just a game at the screws settings, I'll look at it.

If you have any questions I can help you

Sorry I do not have pictures

have a nice day

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