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heated platform getting too hot
Has anyone had this problem? When I print a large part the center of the print bed gets too hot, melting the abs. The temp shows 90c and if I don't cover a lot of the bed it works fine, but when you look at the bottom of the print you can see it is browned in the center and collapsed a bit. anyone know where the sensor is? maybe it could be moved to the center.

Yes, I reported this to XYZ early on with a picture and received no response. I am guessing that for large and long prints, the bed temp needs to drop after the first 50 layers or so. I think this is caused by the conductive trace pattern on the bottom of the glass. A different pattern or dropping of the temp after good adhesion would probably help.
I have noticed this also the temp in the center area of the bed is about 110c-120c with it dropping to 90c-100c at the edges.
Yet the sensor I think is not is the center reads 90c.
I was thinking of using the re-setter to set the bed temp to about 80c or 85c and see if the center temp drops accordingly.
I think 80c-85c should still get the print to start ok if by the time the sensor sees 80c the center will be at 90c+.
This should help the center from getting to high.
Did test print another keychain,, reset cartridge for bed temp of 80c ,,,, center temp now runs 90c-103c in center

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