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New to 3D printing - can quality be improved?
Hi everybody,
I just got the Da Vinci 1.0 two weeks ago, and at first I was not very impressed with the print quality. I have been tweaking it to try to get the better results, and so far every adjustment has made some noticeable improvement to the print quality. This forum has been extremely helpful and I've learned a great deal from all of you - Thanks so much! Here's what I've done so far:

Switched back to firmware G
Used slic3r with some success
Used Cura with much better results.
Installed the XYZ tightness kit to fix the 'circles not round' issue. This definitely helped.

So now my next question is about the surface quality in the vertical direction. I have attached an image, and I'm hoping someone can explain to me whether the rough surface is due to z-wobble or if this is just the level of detail I can expect with this printer.

If it is z-wobble, what's the best solution? To my eye, the lead screw looks pretty good - I don't detect that wobbling when I look at it. I also think the glass on my print bed is firmly attached. However, it seems pretty easy to wiggle the whole print bed back and forth, and I can see that the bushings on the right rod are pretty loose, as are the bushings on the y-axis carriage. Should these be glued with locktite?

Also, there seem to be a number of little imperfections in the filament, like I can see blobs every once in a while while it's extruding. Is this normal?

Again, thanks for all the great advice, you all are awesome!

[Image: image.jpeg]
Blobs could be a sign of to high of temperature for the plastic being used, to low of temp, a dirty nozzle, or moisture in abs.

If you can move the print bed around as I interpret your description, IMO you have some issues that should be addressed before doing anything else. Please search, there are several posts on the z wobble and glass bed.

Keep us posted. Smile

I found some of my prints had lumps and bumps and I put it down to moisture in the ABS so I came up with this ....
Seems to have helped quite a bit.
Davinci 1.0 with repetier 0.92 & E3D hotend
Slicer - Simplify3d 

When I received my printer, the stem of the Z axis was almost removed from the engine and it wobbled which caused timing delay of several layers.
Once this problem is solved, but I was always less pronounced, so I glued the two ring right of the board, for now it does makes me more Smile
You can get improvement by tweaking configuration settings
in XYZ software
XYZ open mod --- that opens up all the slic3r settings for your adjustment.

There are hundreds of parameter settings
which ones are the best ---- up to you to discover

There are 3 tabs to set up:
--Print Settings
--Filament Settings
--Printer Settings
With all types of settings
--Infill Patterns and Density
--Infill Optimization
--Fighting Ooze
--Skirt and brim
--Support Material
--Extrusion Width
--Sequential Printing
--Variable Layer Height

Start here:

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