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Z Axis Sticking / Noisy

Started getting an issue with my printer, the Z Axis is very noisy and appears to be sticking near the top of the printer. Even doing a calibrate makes the bed jump. I have cleaned it and put some ptfe spray lubricant on it, but it doesn't appear to be helping. Has anybody else had the issue, any suggestions?


Remove the z rod screw. Brush it with a wire brush to clean the threads. Clean and lube the screw and then thread it through the carriage by hand to make sure it is easy to turn. Clean and lube the slides at the same time. If the problem continues you might have something else going on. (I had to clean mine to remove small bits of plastic causing exactly what you describe. )

Thanks Kieth,

I'll give this a try tonight and let you know how it goes.
Thanks Keith.

That sorted it out, removed it completely gave is a good scrub with a wire brush and covered it in ptfe lube.

All I need to do know is replace the cracked glass, that blue painters tape doesn't half stick :/
How did you crack the glass?

Blue painters tape is a bit to sticky Smile But without it I was just getting the first layers warp or curl at the edges. There was no warping using the tape but the downside was not being able to get large objects off the base. I might try kapton tape once I get it fixed.
On a side note. I contacted XYZ about the broken glass , telling them I had been a bit abusive removing a print from the glass and how much for the official replacement part , they said the glass was under warranty and have sent out a new piece of glass and heating element which arrived today

The element comes separate from the glass and looks to have a sticky back, I wonder if I can fit the new element without sticking it to the glass.

Any thoughts.


Thats good to know about their CS. I have found them to be very diligent if not overbearing in their support.

I use Elmers glue sticks and have found i can do multiple prints on one coat. Easy to remove with water, and if the part is sticking too well, just applying water to a COLD bed and prying up slightly will weaken the glue underneath. Takes a little time, but I've never broken a print yet.
Do you use the glue stick on the painters tape or straight to the glass. I started using the glue stick direct to glass, but larger prints just curl or bow at the edges.

Straight to the glass. I havent tried any other techniques yet, but I havent had to. Short of missing a spot with the glue, I have never had any curling.

I have found the purple stuff works nice. I can get it wet again with a paper towel and water, and it turns purple so I can see where it is still on the glass (or the part). It dries clear so I rarely have to clean up the part.

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