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XYZWare Open Mod
Does anyone have a working link for the latest XYX open mod? The link on the main page is dead and I would really like to try this before I resort to repetier...
It's in the repository, use 11294 from the dropbox
Thank you, but that is a dead link as well. After you extract the software it is only 4mb and will not run... Sad
Maybe someone just has the install file they could send me?
You need to follow the directions on page 1. The xyz.exe is a replacement to the existing xyz.exe so it requires the other support files.
Oh man :facepalm: sorry guys. The config file found on page 1 is still unavailable though unfortunately.
Okay we have gone leaps and bounds but I am still unable to get XYZWare open to show any options for Slic3r. Here is what I have done:

1, replaced the xyz.exe with the xyzmod.exe
2. updated the en xml file
3. opened xyzware and what i got is bellow (I have slic3r installed but don;t know how to point to it)

follow the direction on w34's frist post. click slicer then setup.....etc.
Quote:follow the direction on w34's frist post. click slicer then setup.....etc.

Where are you seeing the slicer button, or setup?
This is what my XYZOpenMod screens looks like
XYZ firmware 1.1 J SW

:S[Image: XYZOpenMod_2.jpg][Image: XYZOpenMod_3.jpg][Image: XYZOpenMod_1.jpg]
Yep not even close for me haha Ill keep at it. Thank you for the post!
Alright I have tried everything that I can think off the only screen I get is the stock software menue. I think it may be the XYZ.exe file not being correct. any suggestions other than follow the first post, because I have followed it to a T and it still does not work.
I am thoroughly convinced that the Mod .exe found in the software repo from dropbox is just a stock XYZ.exe file. It does nothing I have followed all the steps. Could someone please either try this file or email me the setup files that you know work!?

My email is [email protected]

Any help whatsoever would be appreciate Sad
B) hi the links are dead already? ?!! Man anyway you could upload new links thanks I need this mod so bad oh how do I reset cartridge s ?
Links are dead I would like this mod please thank yoh :woohoo:
don't reset cart. use fw 1.1E it doesn't advance the filament. The dropbox link works use
I have been using I suspect I am missing just one small detail unfortunately.... I know this seems redundant but could you possibly make a list of numbered steps to make sure I'm not missing anything? if not I understand I just don't understand why I can't get this to work Sad
It sounds like @Tom Richards and I are having the same issue. Anyone have any advice?
W34 where are you?
You started this XYZOpenMod?
Probably busy!!!
But can you make sure files are available.
answer some questions.

If not turn the code over to someone else maybe?


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