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XYZWare Open Mod
The more I play with this I see what is happening. When I use the external slicer, it saves the gcode to folder I imported the stl file from. Now if I slice it one more time with the external slicer, it saves the gcode to the program data/xyz printing folder and shows the correct gcode and part on the screen.
any update on resetting the filament cartridge?
In Open mod
Slic3r setup Slic3r configuration directory
I can't select an item other than those in the Application data.

What folder should be moved to Slic3r application data folder?

I am running an AMD 3 core with windows XP 64

Win XP 64 Admin
My Slic3r set up below

Load stl in xyzware open mod
Upon clicking external slicer --- My Slic3r 117 opens
I re-select STL
select configs
separate gcode file produced
gcode pasted into XYZ open mode (?Is there away to just open gcode file?)
no way to run pasted gcode?

Where should I put gcode produced to get Open mod to see it?

C:\Documents and Settings\Administrator\Application Data\Slic3r
C:\Documents and Settings\Administrator\My Documents\3D\Slic3r\Slic3r117\slic3r.exe
0.9.9 or higher
w34, thanks for the mod, I backed up to 1.1e and using your mod, works great and the filiment
dosen't count down.
From what I see the settings are universal, meaning, whatever sttings are used it translates
to all parts including rafts and supports unless you can locate and edit in g-code.
You guys may want to check the cart stats on the printer through the printer menu under info. The XYZWare mod does not count down the filament use but I think the printer still does. It does on mine., so the reset is still needed.

I am still on G.
my stats have not moved since I went to E. An acutally getting better prints than I did with J
I can't get the open mod to slice to the mod software?
I would like to use this software but not working now.

I think I am going to flash Repetier Firmware to my DaVinci 1.0
and use Repetier-host to run it.

Just not enough support out there for this XYZWare Open Mod
and how to set it up, configure where files should be and get it to work.

I would have liked to compare it to the Repetier firmware/host configuration

I guess I'll have to test drive Repetier envirionment
Then may go back and try out XYZWare Open mod

Shouldn't have to be a brain surgeon to set up the Open mod
but we are sumo wrestling with microsoft software

#50 previous post, expecially w34 early post. Should help
Loving the freedom this app facilitates! Ive now printed off several objects from slic3r, through XYZ Open Mod, that surpass what I was getting in vanilla XYZ. I do have a slight problem though where imported slic3r gcode causes the extruder to nudge the bed when going through the pre-print cleaning routine. Anyone know where that can be adjusted? My z offset in slic3r is dead on, with excellent bed adhesion, so Id prefer to not tweak that value if possible. Right now im using vanilla XYZ for ABS and XYZ Open Mod for PLA, but would like to use Open Mod for both if I could figure out this bed nudge issue. Im not crashing into the bed, but merely nudging it, but doing so repeatedly cant be good for both the bed and extruder.
#52 previous post, expecially w34 early post. Should help

Which of these relevant W34 postings should I use?

I am missing something?
I think W34 is very busy and hasn't had time to get back to his Open Mod development?

W34 2 weeks 5 days ago
I will post my configuration for slic3r and the command I am sending to the printer to reset the cartridge when I get back this weekend as I am out of town on a business trip.

*Note: my settings for slic3r is configured for bumat ABS filament, so each printer will vary.

W34 6 days 23 hours ago
The en.xml adds the correct labels to the program display. Otherwise it will show you label definitions i.e. L_DISCONNET instead of "Disconnect" or "Connect" based on status.

As for setting up slic3r, you will need to click "Setup" and point the 2 paths correctly.

For configuration it is usually "C:\Users\%User%\Roaming\Slic3r" or something similar.
Then for the executable it should point to your executable.

you will know if it is setup correctly if it shows your slic3r options in the xyzware software. If it may not be setup correctly.

W34 6 days 23 hours ago
It should auto reload with the new gcode. So it is a bug. Are you getting an error?

I do apologize as I have been busy, not sure if I posted it before, but here is my slic3r settings. Just copy it to C:\Users\%User%\AppData\Roaming\Slic3r
Is the 1.1 E firmware more better for XYZware Openmod?
I am using 1.1 J Firmware and software

I'm using E because I don't have to reset the filament cartridge.
Any update on support for DaVinci 2.0? I love what has been done so far (nice work) - I just can't get my stuff to print, I'm guessing because of the lack of reference to extruder 2 in the code files. I'd love an update?

Would you release the source? I'd like to make some changes. I've tried decompiling but still fighting errors to compile. Please??
Thanks, Good to know!
Working on supporting the Da Vinci 2.0 in the next release.
I got open mod working -- sort of
I have to paste the G-code into it.

It disconnects upon transmitting the file
so there is no monitoring, no nothing in
the software , no feed back

Is it supposed to be this way?

Still would like to get the files in the right place
and the file configuration set?


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