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plastic sticking to nozzle - help!
Ok here's my deal:

Setup printer using oem firmware, and printed one of the test objects that came with it Everything was perfect, borderline flawless. I was incredibly impressed.

So the obvious step 2 was flashing repitier and trying to print from there, and thats where disaster happens. Firmware is fine, repitier communicates with the printer fine, everything works, but the actual print is crazy. The plastic sticks to the nozzle and just globs up. It refuses to stick to the bed. (see attached image)

I did the bed calibration with the sheet of paper test, still does it. I'm a total noob at 3d printing, this is my first one so I'm 99% sure it's something stupid I'm doing wrong, but I have no idea where to even start.

Can someone point me in the right direction?[Image: IMG_1745.jpg]
Did you use the glue stick on the bed? Also, check your bed temp; it may not be hot enough for the ABS to stick.
Also, is possible your nozzle had some burned plastic in it. Try cleaning the nozzle thoroughly.

Keep us posted.


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