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Keeping davinci light on without custom firmware
Does anyone know how to easily keep the davinci internal lights on while the printer is powered on? Ive stuck a raspberry pi camera on the Z axis plastic frame at eye level with the bed, as I print remote via usb sharing and I only care about watching the first few layers. Usually by the time Ive powered the unit on, walked up two floors, load an object and send to print, the light has gone off already. With LEDs Im not too concerned about power consumption and the LEDs being on while the unit itself is on.
Feedback appreciated!
It's simple on the screen you do this: Settings -> energy saver -> off
So embarrassed. I guess I assumed since everything else needs modified, I didnt even look at the simple solution. Thanks Edouard.
Edouard, and what about the reverse: implementing energy saving (for the light, at least) in the Repetier firmware, is that doable?
I think so but the only way I see is to put it with the engine: When the engines stop, the LED turns off.

Otherwise you have the command: M42 P85 S0 to turn off the LED, M42 P85 S255 to turn on
You can put them in the Start-Gcode and End-Gcode
On the serial port, you can send "[tt]DAVLED_1[/tt]" or "[tt]DAVLED_0[/tt]" to turn it on and off. This overrides the energy saving settings - UNTIL you push a button next to the LCD, which starts the energy savings mode

There is also "[tt]DAVLCB_1[/tt]" and "[tt]DAVLCB_0[/tt]" for LCD Backlight.
How did you figure out this pin??

Also, are there any "unused" pins that could be repurposed??
The pins were identified during the pcb reverse engineering. There are a few other pins, depending on the printer model. If you look at the arduino code there is a pins file you can examine.

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