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Extruder problems / clicking (SOLVED)
This is identical to my post on Soliforum. I'm hoping I can get this fixed rather than return it to Amazon.
Noticed an occasional clicking noise a couple days ago that has now progressed into continuous clicking from the extruder and it no longer will print. I can load an unload filament but after it reaches the nozzle and about a half an inch extrudes it starts clicking until the filament is stripped. I tried multiple filaments and measured with a micrometer and it is 1.75 +- .03 and round. It is also ABS. The extruder temp is set at 230C and I am assuming it is reaching temp since that is what the display shows and a small amount does extrude. I removed the extruder and cleaned the feed wheels and it continues to strip. Looking in the side of the extruder with the 2 wire harnesses (2 black wires, 1 red/1black wire) I noticed that the silver gear rotates until the clicking starts. I also noticed that the silver wheel moves slightly towards the back of the machine as it initially feeds. I was hoping that someone could take a look at their feed wheels and verify that the silver (larger) one has a little bit of wobble in its axis. That is the only thing that seems a bit off. The spring on the release lever is attached and seems stiff. If anyone has suggestions for troubleshooting I will be grateful.
I had the same problem, I extruded a meter around the abs original (melting temperature more low) I inserted many times the wire cleaning nozzle, and after a couple of hours work to start over
Now da vinci print OK
I am going to try cleaning the nozzle better, maybe try the cold pull method. Looking around the internet, it appears that it is probably a partially clogged extruder.
Problem solved. It was a partially clogged extruder. Didn't have any luck trying to cold pull. I ended up removing the extruder from the holder and partially dipping it in acetone using the heater wires. I didn't allow the wires to go into the acetone so it wasn't fully submerged. Kept alternating dipping and reaming with the wire maybe 5-6 times and then manually fed several inches of filament through. Initially came out blackened but switched to white after first mm or so. Seems to be printing fine again. To help prevent this in the future added a foam filter for the filament and reset the cartridge to 210C. I had been performing temperature profiles on different filaments the previous week and had gotten temps up to 250C. Suspect I burned the inside too many times without flushing.

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