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Prints Looking ok but not perfect.
Well after playing around with some adjustments on my 2.0 I think things are looking ok. I also was greeted with a software update today when I started the XYZ software. I don't know if that fixed some things but between that and adjustments things look ok but still not great in my opinion. If any of you see anything on these pictures and know a solution please let me know what I can do to fix it. All of these prints are done at .3 layer height except the chill pill it was at .2. Thanks.[Image: IMG_0447.jpg][Image: IMG_0448.jpg][Image: IMG_0449.jpg][Image: IMG_0450.jpg][Image: IMG_0451.jpg][Image: IMG_0452.jpg][Image: IMG_0453.jpg]
What is the item in pic 448? Was support used?
That is a bridging torture test from thingiverse. No support was used on any of those prints.
Honestly, that is looking fairly consistent with how my 1.0 prints. I've been doing some fine tuning, but still getting some of the imperfections your prints are showing. I just finished gluing the bearings on the z axis to hopefully rid myself of some of the slop. I also just printed some belt tensioners off thingiverse, because my x-axis belt never seems to get tight.

I am going to try put an additional fan on the hotend that cools the print layers as it's building. Other than that, I'm running out of easy fixed to improve the tolerances and consistencies of this printer.... Anyone else have any suggestions?

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