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Help with my DaVinci 2.0
Hi guys, I am really getting frustrated with the limitations of the stock firmware and software. Is there a way for me to change the firmware and use a different software to run my 2.0? I'm pretty new and what I have found and read so far is just for the 1.0. Any help is greatly appreciated. Thanks.
We must wait a little longer for the firmware Repetier compatible, it should delay
LUC and I have gotten it to work. LUC is has done some great work on the Da Vinci 2.0 firmware. He is still adding features and functions. Here is his branch to download his code. I think you will need to calibrate a number of things.

When get the firmware installed and running you will want to connect to the printer and then run command M502 then M500. This will load the EEPROM values from the firmware. You can adjust them as you see fit after that.

Extruder offset is slightly different between his printer and mine.
Extr Steps per mm are different on each of my extruders.
I also think temperature setting are off. But that is harder to fix. That needs to be done in the firmware not in EEPROM.
Aaryn, what are your settings for Extruder offset and 0Extr Steps per mm?

I noticed in a previous post that you have the 2 fans, unlike LUC's who has 1. Mine has 2 fans as well, so I hope we have the same revision machine and I can use your settings.

Also, I'm currently running 2.0J XYZ FW which they fixed since the previous versions so it won't allow me to flash my own FW by disconnecting the internet. Is there another way to flash your FW?


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