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New Da Vinci 2.0
Hello, I just wanted to start off with I'm very new to 3d printing and am loving it so far. I recently got my 2.0 in the mail and I think its great but.... I am always up for making things better and this thing could use a bit of help. To start off I am running XYZ ware on my macbook pro and I can tell you it don't work to well. I have had to reinstall it once already cause it decided to stop working all together. Even being new to this I can see that there are better options out there. The hardware seems to be working great and the prints are looking ok but with better software I'm sure they could be better. I would like to get this thing making stuff to the best of its ability and don't know where to start. So the question I have is what can I do to make this thing better? I know it is a pretty new unit but I'm sure there is stuff out there already. I'm looking forward to hearing from you guys and love all the info on here. There is just so much I kinda get lost in all of it. Thanks.
Wow! I figured someone would chime in and have some info to help me out. Well I guess its a waiting game at this point. I'll just try to make due with the stock setup. I would really like to improve the quality of my prints but not sure where to start cause I'm a noob to all of this. I really like technical challenges but this is a little above me as far as where to start. I would really appreciate any info anyone could give me. Thanks.
Have had mine a week. Got a good print out of it on high settings, took 6 hours for two 3 inch hi bulbasaurs. One of each color!

I have questions regarding calibration.
Please see attached image of users manual.
What value are we aiming for?
And which value relates to which adjustment screw?

Have a huge decision after 8 hours of use. Pack it up or hack it out..[Image: CalibrateDVdouQuestion.jpg]
I gave up quick on the calibration in the system. I went to a manual calibration and it seems to be working great. Here is the link that I followed Sorry I couldn't get it to be a link so i guess just copy and paste. I have debated about packing it up and sending it back but don't really want to hassle with shipping it back. I'm just going to play with this and change firmware and software when they figure out how to get it to work with the 2.0. I am also going to start working on a build of my own. It will be a long duration project but I would like to make my own and then have 2 printers. I'm good with the mechanic's stuff but the software stuff is what I get confused with.
Well, Got the numbers below .01 and running a print of frame.
The correct relationship is the BLUE one!
I made a frame print that goes into corners of bed.
On first go around I paused the print, you have 3 minutes!
AS-it-printed I made the adjustments to screws.

This is coming already,|
Prefer PLA.
Also gonna cut a hole in side and top to start. Just gotta make the first drill hole.
Just wanna design n print. Not mod something. At least it prints.
Did you try High quality? I had good results.

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