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Anyone running Repetier on the Duo 2.0?
I just got my Duo 2.0 last week and I was just wondering if anyone has tried this yet? I'm interested in modding my printer to get the most from it.
To install the firmware Repetier, There are a few small changes to make.
Already it would list the pins of the second extruder, without it only the first run.

If someone gives me the pins, I could add the second extruder in the firmware.
I'm unsure what you're looking for or how to go about getting this info for you, but if you can advise me in detail, I can get you the information required.
Normally seen our Da Vinci 1.0 have the same print circuit as the Da Vinci 2.0, we should be able to find it
I'll open up my da vinci duo when I get home tonight, do you only need pics of the motherboard Eduardo?
Yes it already gives me an idea

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