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Update my firmware, Flash the Open Firmware or hacked XYZ?
Hi a complete newbie here,
On friday i recieved my Da vinci 1.0., I'm not going to lie, I'm pleased with it and over all it's been useful over the past couple of days. However I noticed when every I try to print a complex model things go awol, I tried to print the bulbasaur planter from Thingiverse (, and it starts printing fine and then pieces stick to the extruder and move around the board, no amount of glue seems to fix this. Looking up it up on various forums people say that occurs because it's a bad slice. I know it uses Slic3r under its skin but perhaps its an old version. Others have said that it could be the firmware. I have calibrated the print bed the printer itself says the bed is 235,220,235. Other ways to calibrate it also say its fine.

The firmware is 1.1 I
The XYZware is

My main concern is that it if I flash it with the downgraded software I'll brick it. my second concern is the setting it up to work, I read the walk through and I'm afraid I won't understand something and do the wrong thing. Third is the reports of the open firmware running out of control and cracking the glass. lastly is voiding the warranty which from what I read is useless for the most part.

the route I was thinking about going is was the modified gcode xyzware and using a 3rd party slicer, but I might be leaning towards the Firmware route for filament ease of use but I got 7 filament carts free with purchase.

Has anyone done these? (I know stupid question everyone most likely successfully did already)
How hard is it? (I work in the computer field fixing servers and peoples broken software)
Has anyone had Success/horror stories?
any suggestions to make my life easier?
So right now I went the way of using hacked XYZsoftware w gcode read and Slic3r and setting it up with the way that the one member of the forums wrote down to do. I will say in the modified xyz software and slic3r the model looks better sliced than the other one I did. I printed out a set of objects to test. if this works I'll definitely stay on this method for awhile. I'll upload pictures to show the difference when I'm done. the little that printed so far does look better.

[Image: IMG_20140825_203100.jpg]
unless you physically damage the chip it is near next to impossible to actually brick it.

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