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12V power splice for extra fan?
Hi All,

I'm looking to do the fan mod to print better in PLA. Can anyone tell me whether I can tap off of one of the other wires around the print head - or maybe from somewhere else?


What I did was made a y connector that goes into the other fans 5v area to put in a 5vdc 50mm fan.
I was able to use and soldered a spare fan to the power output for the main fan. When the system boots up, the fan works great.
I built both the 50MM layer cooler fan schroud and the extruder cooler shroud..
I also installed a small heat sync on the extruder barrel to help remove some of the heat to help with PLA extruding..

The problem I have now is that I cant get my extruder up over 214c and if I want to switch between PLA and ABS this is I guess a pretty big problem.

I am running the Repetier Firmware and running Repetier host however I used the preconfigured BIN and not manually loaded the chip via the Arduino IDE.

I think I read that the fan could be controlled with a change to something in the code but I cant remember where I saw that and/or if that is true or not.

Is anyone running their Davinci 1.0 with the mentioned mods and if so how do you manage the transition between materials?

Any help is greatly appreciated and since I only have ABS right now I'm not able to make anything so please do.


For the transition between the PLA and ABS, the setting that causes the most problem is the bed: It deforms more than 90 ° to 50 °
Either there must be the same temperature for ABS and PLA or it must play with paramettres of slic3r to an offset for the PLA (I have about 1mm)

To fan the only solution is to connect it to an external source and turn it on manually (I'm talking about the fan to the PLA)

For your extruder does not heat enough, check the connector because there's sometimes false contacts

I have yet to find a radiator to cool the top of the extruder so I can not tell you more
Well I took the printed upgrade shroud back off and reinstalled the fan on the original tin mount.

Left my little radiator installed as pictured.

I cranked the temp to 240 and hit 238+ a bit slower than normal but it hit it.

I then stuck my pinky into the opening of the extruder to feel the heatsink and extruder barrel.. it was cool as a cucumber..
I think the printed shroud forces air down around the hot end and cools a little too much for PLA and ABS work.

I think this may be a winning combo for me.

We'll see.
Thanks for your input.[Image: 20141005_220209.jpg]
Guess I wasn't logged in.. sorry about that.. I also see that I need to trim the radiator a little to allow some of the air to escape down to the other unit on the side of the heater block.

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