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Z Axis linear rod pillow block mod
I have seen a lot of talk about bearing supports but since mine and a friends Da Vinci are in great shape my attention has been focused on the poorly designed Z axis. Right from the start the bushings in the bed bothered me as the right side were not glued in and the bushings themselves show a little slop between the 8mm rod. Combined with that there has been play developing in the Z axis rod pillow blocks/mounts which I attempt to solve here.

First I want to note about myself is that I have a pretty limited amount of time using CAD programs but I think my reading & youtube research has started to pay off enough to improve some aspects of this printers design. This parts design is my first attempt and I see several changes that need to be made before I post the final STL files(possibly 123dx if desired). I'm printing these on a friends 100% stock Da Vinci 1.0 to ensure any noob like myself can hopefully have a perfect print the first time around. Once my machine running repetier is back together I'll share both slicing configurations once I'm satisfied with them.

[Image: 20140823_210903.jpg]

[Image: 20140823_210757.jpg]


As you can see self tapping screws aren't ideal and caused the layers to split. I also don't care for the XYZ white filament print quality so I will probably switch to XYZ yellow or red once I've revised the pillow block design further.

Next I plan make the pillow blocks slightly taller, thicker around clamping area on side where the two screws go into the clamp and it split(final design will be bolts/nuts when my hardware order arrives) and I plan to use 100% infill for strength since I'm getting gaps. You can see I made this specific to the two lower mounts vs the stock universal design so I will be making a slightly different second version for the top. I went this route since we can easily change design when printing vs molding allowing me to design a thicker clamping area for strength/rigidity and the hope that I will eventually switch to 10mm linear rods.

I really want 10mm rods for the Z axis but I haven't found a good method for adapting the existing print bed without moving it closer to the door, cutting on the print bed, or drilling holes to move the linear rods further apart and designing adapters to go from 8mm holes to 10mm linear rods in the new gap between the 10mm rods and bed. The three options I see are:

1. Cutting on the print bed with dremel & printing adapters for 10mm linear bearings(allowing for stock linear rod location).

2. Printing an entirely new bed possibly entailing buying aluminum sheet & printing L shaped adapters to mount linear bearings on the 10mm linear rods.

3. Finally my most favored route. Printing 10mm linear rod pillow blocks capable of mounting to the stock locations top & bottom and designing the blocks to be offset enough to print adapters that mount to the current four 8mm bushing located on print bed.

Any comments or insights are welcome on the pillow block print/design. I'm also really interested in others opinion on upgrading the the stock print bed bushings to bearings and possibly linear rods. I think it's pretty important to develop a aftermarket/upgrade route to improve this awesome start of a printer while it's still popular ensuring it stays competitive in a market that is growing fast.[Image: 20140823_210757.jpg][Image: 20140823_210903.jpg][Image: 20140823_211206.jpg][Image: 20140823_211325.jpg][Image: 2014-08-2322.01.44.jpg]
Hello there
I am of the same opinion as you, since I have the Da Vinci, I try to find improvements.
At the Z axis, I have not had any problems with the plastic parts that hold the two metal bars. I just had the game on both rings bronzes I solved with glue.
I hope the community will find beautiful improvement to our Da Vinci Smile

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