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no usbmodem in repetier
I've been prining successfully from my MacBook Pro but want to set up a Mac Mini to print as well.
Trouble is there is no usbmodem2621 in Repetier/printer settings/connection/port like there is on my MacBook.
I tried to recreate on the mini what I had done on the Macbook but I'll be the first to admit I have no idea what I'm doing. I'm a teacher and want to have this ready for my students this school year. Any help would be much appreciated.
Mini: Mac OS 10.7
Arduino 1.5.6r2 installed (but it crashes trying to run a sketch) I assume this has something to do with letting Repetier see the printer via this port? and this is where I'm hanging up. I don't remember having to run any sketches on my MacBook but it's all pretty foggy. Again, I apologize for my ignoranc, I really am trying to educate myself, but wow, what a world I've entered!
at a loss, reinstalled java
modemfd11 showed up in Repetier
printer connected
now log shows ECHO;M105 over and over
but it's connected at least

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