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two problems trouble me
when i use repetier firmware ,two problems tourble me,one is how to calibrate the heat bed.when i use xyzprinting it has the item that can calibrate ,while i use repetier ,i never find the place to auto calibrate ,how can you gays calibrate the heat bed.The other problem is how to change the filament when i use xyzprinting it has the item to load or unload the filament,while the repetier i could not find the item to change filament.who can help me
Repetier uses a gcode for auto calibration, I don't know what it is, look it up on repetier website. I don't use it and manually calibrate.

Change the filament by going to manual control in repetier host and heating extruder and then you can use the extruder position buttons on the lcd control panel or in repetier host.
thx。 by the way ,when it's printing ,the power off ,how to continue printing
if you are asking how to continue from a power off failed print , you cant.

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