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Filament chip resetter - LEDs not behaving as expected
Hi, Arduino newbie here, please be gentle. Smile
I made a resetter with an Arduino UNO and it does reset the chip but the LEDs don't behave as per the instructions.
Instead, I just get 2 solid red LEDs before and after resetting the chip so there is no way of knowing if it's reset successfully.
The first time the sketch runs after uploading, I get a flashing green LED (TX) which goes off once the chip is reset but after that I just get the 2 solid red LEDs, even after powering the UNO off and on again.
If I connect the UNO to my laptop and turn on the serial monitor, the greed LED flashes again and goes off once the chip resets.
I followed the instructions for the resetter to the letter but the LEDs just don't seem to work as advertised,
Any help appreciated.
Davinci 1.0 with repetier 0.92 & E3D hotend
Slicer - Simplify3d 

I dont think there is much you can do - we have seen a few flavors of arduino that behave differently. Its something to do with the pinouts and LED connections being different. In reality, you wont be resetting as much as you think, so I wouldnt worry to much about it. Just my opinion... But if you really want to fix it the easiest might be to try another arduino.

Thanks Keith, I was beginning to suspect that might be the case.
Just thought there might have been something I had missed and maybe there was a quick fix.
I had hoped to use it without having to connect to a computer but it's no big deal if I can't.
Davinci 1.0 with repetier 0.92 & E3D hotend
Slicer - Simplify3d 

Ok, I've finally got it working properly. Smile
After studying the blink sketch and comparing it to the resetter sketch, I noticed this line of code in the blink sketch which isn't present in the resetter sketch .... pinMode(13, OUTPUT)
That line apparently initializes pin 13 as a digital output pin.
Not sure if this only applies to the Arduino UNO R3 but it certainly solved the problem with mine.
Davinci 1.0 with repetier 0.92 & E3D hotend
Slicer - Simplify3d 

Thank you. I have checked a new version into GIT which now initializes the LED pin properly.
Sorry, Honestly - it didn't occur to me the initialization of the pin would be missing from the sketch. Obviously that's a different issue, lol!


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