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Do I Have A Problem?
Well, I've had me printer for just over 2 months now. Decided today to have a look at the running total for hours, 136! Am I using it too much B)

One problem is that I'm getting back into RC and have just printed a quad copter, as per avatar. Isn't technology wonderful and I wish some people on other forums would stop knocking the DaVinci, for what you pay it's a brilliant bit of kit, even better once hacked Smile
I don't think so Smile

They are a pretty good piece of kit when you get over the cartridge thing, I would hate to think how many hours I have on it. I have a DJI Hexa, not printed anything for it yet though.
The part on the printer currently is a 24+ hour part.

I really have no clue as to the total hour, but I had that many befor I did mods months ago, NO ISSUES as of yet.

I have printed quite a few bits for my 450 dji quad clone.

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