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Extruder Temp always 10 below target
Not sure where to post this but it's driving me nuts. I'm running repetier firmware and everytime I print above 210 the fan kicks on and keeps the extruder at almost exactly 10 degrees below the target temp. If I try to print at 220 it stays at 210 or if I try 230 it'll stop at 220, either way the print never starts. I did try to calibrate it at 230 and then 220 by following a post on here which it hits the temps just fine during calibration. I want to set it up on octopi , which works great up to 210, to make it easier to have my kids print things and I can print custom parts from a job site and have them ready by the time I get back. Thank you to those who wrote good how-tos for us to follow.
I use kapton tape and ceramic insulation tape to cover the hot end.
It works good during calibration and hits 230 with no issues. Just seems like when I print the fan kicks on and keeps it at 10 below the target. Don't think the tape will help in my situation. I got lucky and can print great without tape or glue when I get the temps right on xyzware and slic3r hack but I really want to use octopi as a controller.
Try to adjust the PID, everything is explained here:
I tried calibrating with those directions and it calibrated fine, but it still will not hit the target temp. If I turn off the 'heat manager' setting in the eeprom by changing it from 3 to 0 it will hit temps just fine but then it will fluctuate between 223 to 237 as the extruder turns on/off. Just as a test (and to see it print something useable this week) I reloaded the factory firmware and with the slic3r gcode hack it has printed everything very well. I'm determined to get the repetier firmware working with the web interface so does anyone have other ideas on what can be causing this? I did notice that when the extruder kicks on with the repetier firmware the lights dim in the box but with the factory firmware this doesn't happen. Could it be a power handling issue in the firmware?

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