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Annoying lines at start of prints
Every time I print I get 2 lines of filament along the right hand edge of the print bed at the start of the print.
Half the time these lines don't stick and get dragged across the bed which is very annoying.
The xyz software seems to be adding these 2 lines when it slices a file.
Anyone know how to prevent this ?
Hello there
Try to put more glue at this level.
For now, I think the only solution is to switch back to an older version of XYZ software
Make sure the bed is calibrated properly, as I never had them not stick when using xyzware,
They are there to prime the head to be sure there is filament extruding when it actually starts printing.
The XYZware version of slic3r puts this in at front right, as Josh said, to prime the nozzle before moving to the actual job. I had a similar problem with it not sticking, even with glue, half the time the nozzle would drag it over to where the job starts and mess up the print. I found that using the external slic3r and setting my bed temp to 110 first layer/105 all others works well for me with XYZ filament (haven't tried any others yet, hoping to try that this weekend). Slic3r still puts the nozzle primer loop in, it just does it as a "ring" around the job about 6mm I think is the default, in the same shape as the base of the job.

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