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How to update once Repetier firmware is already running.

So I used the pre compiled bin file when I switched my DAV to repetier. This was about 3 months ago. I now want to update it to the latest BGM version as it addresses the potential hot end issue.

The files are all here:

I just don't know how to flash or compile them.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.
I'll try to explain:
1) Download Arduino 1.5.7 BETA and installs the (
2) Download the firmware Zip (
3) Download the Zip precompiled firmware, it's just to retrieve the file Variant.Cpp (
4) You need to copy the file to the hardware Variant.Cpp folder / Arduino / sam / variants / arduino_due_x / variant.cpp
5) Then extract the zip file of the firmware (In Part 2), you open the file and you will in src / Arduino due / Repetier and you Repetier.ino opens with Arduino
6) Arduino: Tools -> Card Type -> Arduino due native USB port
7) You selected the COM your printer
8) And you click on upload

finished Smile
Hi, hope someone can help with explaining a few things... Big Grin

Running Repetier on da Vinci 1.0A. Using self levelling is a bit off, but it could be perfect if I could adjust a few things in the code.
Front of the bed is about 0.2mm too low after self levelling.

1. How and where in the code can I set this offset whenever auto levelling is initiated? 
2. When auto levelling is in progress it always drops the bed 10mm for each movement, 5mm would be more then enough.
Where can I change that? - timesaver

Thank You!

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