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[Probe] Stop counting fillament stock Firwmare
Hello there
I think I have a track to stop counting the fillament on the stock firmware:
On the extruder, There are a toothed wheel which has small black caches for counting the number of turns. Now if you put a cover on the sensor, it can not print some counting.
So if the count is only at this level, AC should work.
If someone on the stock firmware could test Smile
I hope it will work[Image: 457536_orig.jpg]
Oh wow, Nice Find! Do you have any more information on this?
No, there should be a test subject because I am on repetier firmware
I am on vacation right now, but maybe when i get home in a week or two, I'll check this out.
I tried and it does not work, the counter is down: /
It's a shame because the stock version gives good made ​​with very simple settings
I will invest in an Arduino to reset the cartridge
This probe is what the stock firmware uses to see if the filament has jammed. If it doesn't see the wheel spinning it assumes the filament has jammed.
just use firmware 1.1E and software and it doesn't advance the filament. At least in my and some other cases.
My filament count haven't moved the last couple of weeks.

Also, I'm using modified software. Link:

The counter is entirely firmware /slicer based.


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