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New here and to 3d printing. just stopping in to say hello.
I just got my XYZprinting Da Vinci 1.0 from Amazon today. So far I have printed out the demo print and a potato chip bag clip from thingiverse. Very happy with it so far. I am going to play with it stock for a while till I learn the ropes the I will play with all the hacking that is here. :cheer:

One question. What is the best way to clean the bed?
There is a youtube video of a guy scraping it with a razor blade. I think that is risking scratches. If you are using the glue stick, the easiest is to wait for the bed to cool all the way, place a wet paper towel on it, wait a minute or so and then wipe it off. The glue will come right off. repeat as needed. XYZ has a video showing this on their youtube channel. Be careful the bed has completed cooling or you risk thermal cracking.


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