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ExcelFil™ in the US - Special Forum Promotion!
When we decided that the filament available in the market was just not good enough and started making our own, we could not have imagined how many people out there shared our concerns. The last few months we were very busy developing and testing a couple of new products, and the team here at Voltivo is grateful for all the encouragement and feedback we received from our European and Asian customers.

We had many requests from other regions, and had been looking for the right North American partner for making our ExcelFil filament range available in the US.

We always make it a priority not just finding resellers to retail our products, but to find partners that share our values and are passionate for 3D Printing and the community as much as we are.

I am very excited that we found with Cubicity Inc a passionate partner to represent our Brand in the US market. Hans, the Managing Director, was passionate from the first contact. He shares our ambition about only delivering the highest standard products and customer care and we look forward to a strong partnership.

The shelves are stocked and Cubicity has created a couple of amazing launch offers. Go check it out for yourselves!

They also kindly created an additional discount exclusively for US members of this forum so you guys can evaluate printing with ExcelFil on your DaVinci:

Just apply coupon code "DAVINCI-1" for single orders and "DAVINCI-2" for ordering two spools on checkout to get an additional $3/$6 off on your order. This is on top of their attractive launch offers, free shipping included.

These promotions run until August 15.

Hans, also joined this Forum as a member and will be available for any questions you might have.

[url=][/url][Image: cubicity-370x150.jpg]
Excellent news! I look forward to stock some of your filaments too (I'm in Texas)
Thanks for the introduction, Oliver!

We are excited to be able to offer Voltivo ExcelFil in the United States. I struggled myself to find consistent high-quality filament in the U.S. and was thoroughly disappointed that ExcelFil was not available at the time! Back then I ordered some from the UK to confirm that the filament is every bit as good as indicated by the various voices in the community.

We are very proud to be have been selected as the U.S. partner of Voltivo. Feel free to reach out to me through the forum or the contact link on our website if you have any questions about the ordering process or availability of ExcelFil.

You can place pre-orders at now! Rest assured that we will only authorize your card but not charge it until your order ships on Monday, August 11.

Happy Printing!
Great launch execution Hans, I already have my filament in hand!
I am excited to try out the filament! I ordered fifteen spools yesterday! :woohoo:
I just received the shipment I ordered two days ago! :cheer: :woohoo: Now that's customer service!! looking forward to trying out the filament! Confusedilly: Confusedilly: Confusedilly:
That's awesome Shane! I am glad you got it before the weekend -- It certainly helped that you are located just next door in Arizona :-)

Have fun printing and let us know how you like the filament!
I received my spool the other day. I have some large parts I am printing and am using another filament for them, when the project is finished I will duplicate in with the new spool and post comparison pics.

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