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What drivers should I use?
Hey guys,

Just did a repetier conversion following this 4 minute video here, and things went great, LCD screen on the da vinci looks right and everything!

My only problem is that my pc is now saying it needs a driver, and Repetier doesn't seem to want to connect with the printer without one. This may be a silly question, but which driver should I use? Should I just use the ones for the Arduino Due here?

Thanks, I'll appreciate any help Smile
Next step will be to install the arduino IDE. I am not sure if other versions of the IDE will work but the 1.5.6-r2 version is recommended for it's DUE drivers that are included.
Thanks! I had actually downloaded the 1.0.5 prior to this just to not mess with a beta, and it seems to have hooked up. But I'll definitely remember that beta for if I run into problems Wink

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