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XYZWare lower extrusion or output speed?
Hi all,

after an upgrade to XYZWare – I noticed an issue on my da vinci 1.0 (firmware G)
The abs does not stick onto the bed due to a lower extrusion volume - After a downgrade to the previous version it works fine!

Can anyone confirm this?

That's the version I am using, and have been having issues getting the print to stick... I just got this printer, and have yet to try out a previous version of XYZware.

What version are you using that works good for you?
The problem with getting abs to stick might, I stress might be related to not putting a sufficient amount of glue on the glass prior to printing. I was really surprised about how much glue was required to get a good "stick" on the xyz. I made the switch from a Pursa i3 using hair spray every few days, to the xyz with a clean-up and re-applied with each print. Big Difference!

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