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Looking for some hand holding with Slic3r
I've been using my 1.0 now for 4 weeks. I've added the "shims" upgrade to the clip washers, I've hacked the cartridges, and am using full spools of Octave filament. I have my bed temp set at 120 and my nozzle at 215. I have no idea if those are the right settings - they just seem to work okay.

My biggest question right now stems from Slic3r. I've never used it. I'm scared to death to try - as there are no "USE SLIC3R THIS WAY" posts that are NOOB friendly.

I was wondering if someone was up for meeting with me via TeamViewer, or GoToMeeting (I have both) and work with me via their place to my house to setup Slic3r with the right settings and give me some pointers via the screen sharing or webcam?

I keep reading how the Slic3r prints are higher quality - I would like to get to that point and will consider myself at the 90% mark of my "hack" goals.

My email is michael.lydick if you're up for it. I was hoping to record the session and upload it here as a resource when we were done for other people.
Well, I'm sorry no one replied to you. I think honestly you are asking for something that is very time consuming. If you practice some search and google-fu there are many guides on how to use slicer. Here in the forum there are several posts which include slicer settings.

Best of luck, I'd you have a specific question I am sure it will get answered.

You might want to start with the Slic3r manual:

XYZ open mod software opens up all the Slic3r parameter settings.

[strike]I'm going to bump this thread in a way.
Would one of the gurus here be willing to write a quick and dirty Slic3r guide for us noobs?
I'm not asking for a hand held tutorial as the OP is requesting, but a quick step by step of how to get slic3r setup to run on the Davinci. One complaint I've had about the printer is the lack of options, I've played with slic3r a bit this morning, and I'm overwhelmed by the options. But If I know I can get it to print with a default setup, I'm going to tweak the hell out of it for my setup.

So if anybody would be willing to write up a quick guide on how to just get it running, that'd be great. I read the other slic3r thread, but as it quickly devolved into checksums and codes way over my head, I hesitate to call it a noob friendly guide.[/strike]

Nevermind! Think I found it!

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