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problems with rubber filament
hi all
i bought a 1.75 rubber filament, it will be interesting but...
after loading it, my xyz extrude some mm of filament, then the extruder motor continues to run but does not come out more material
the filament gets rolled inside the extruder assembly
the recommended temperature is 180 - 220 °c
i tried all but the problem persist.
what can i do ???
excuse me for my poor english
Don't like your chances with rubber for filament... It should be fairly good on ABS but anything else at present is a problem... Maybe someone will have answer?
Perhaps you have detail on the "rubber" filament. The flexible filaments usually require a very slow feed into the extruder because the filament is so flexible.
The problem is caused by the design of this tool head assembly. There is a gap between the metal hot end and the gears that push the filament. Stiff filaments like ABS and PLA rely of that stiffness to bridge the gap as they push forward into the hot end. Rubber filaments like PTFE Tube.

However the simple truth is that the Da Vinci cannot use soft filaments with the factory design.
Or it must develop an ABS part that attaches between the extruder and the toothed wheel to prevent the wire from the side ?
Hi, what kind of rubber filament do you use ?
Kinda filaflex or ninjaflex ?
Having good extruder and good control of flow is very hard with this material, due to elasticity and expansion.
The site and their facebook have good explaination about issues and solutions printing this material, on my side i did one extruder for my prusa that works, but even extruder is working now, need to handle flow in noozle due to expansion issues.
So far based on my test the best is not only fill the gap between gear and extruder but also beetween feeding and gear, and distance between gear and noozle must be short as possible to avoid expansion issue due to elasticity of material, to limit this problem, another way is using very slow feeding speed.. .20 or 30
Thanks for the referral to the I will look into what they have to suggest.

I have NinjaFlex. We have two 3D printers. Ninja flex works well in the TAZ made by Lulzbot. So I bought it for the Da Vinci. THen I discovered the gap in the tool head. When I get a chance I will try to make it work.
i bought it from
someone have a suggest for reduce gap from gears and extruder
i must disassemble xy axes for measure ....uffff
what do you think about a second fan , reduicing temp maybe stiffen the rubber?
I posted on another thread that covered almost identical info.

There are two problems that prevent the Da Vinci printers from printing with rubber like materials. Heat and a gap between the drive gears and the extruder.

The Gap
I fixed the gap problem with this custom designed filament guide. I was able to print some soft pla for a few minutes but then I ran into the heat problem.

Here is the bottom line that many other users have already figured out. The Extruders on the Da Vinci printer get too hot for any other type of filament to be used. I have tried PLA, PVA, T-glase, SOFT PLA, and Ninja flex. they all get jammed because they get too hot in the extruder. I tried to design a new cooling fan shroud to fix the problem but it didn't work.

I have found that someone with a Da Vinci 1 has replaced his extruder with an E3 version 6 hot end. I like that idea. So I am going to attempt the same thing on my Da Vinci 2. I have already ordered the parts and started designing the new hardware. But this may take me some time. I will start up a new thread to document my progress. When I do that I will post in this thread one last time with a link to the new thread.
In the meantime here are the links to that other guys work on the Da Vinci 1.

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