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New DaVinci 1.0 don't work Help?
I got a DaVinci 1.0 3D printer from eBay
Fixed some problems
left side Y axis was down put it back in support hole and snapped on a clip
Ribbon Cable was torn No LCD --- repaired ribbon cable

Upon power up
Beep Beep ..... light flashing
0031 on LCD

I think mobo is croaked

Any help?
O031 means either your Y axis motor is dead or the sensor has a fault. Since you said the Y axis was down,check the wiring and make sure all your connections are secured properly.
maybe my da vinci had same problem
my problem was ... it's difficult in english!
when the axes go into zero position don't touch the zero switch and the error come out
the y axes have 2 belts, the axes was not at 90 degrees to x because one belt pulled him
after loosening the belt, the axes is taken the correct position (90 degrees from x axes)
after it will work ok
the support center don't give me useful answers
Try to adjust the belt position like this post
The problem I had was when homing the Y axis the stepper will hit the wall on right side before Y end-stop sensor triggered. After adjust the belt everything works.
My DaVinci now working

Swapped top sensor and y sensor

Now onward to wrestle with it.
It did print out two parts ok

Wo Hoo

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