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Shifting in the x direction
Before and after installing the repetier firmware I notice a shift in what i believe is the X directions during some prints but not all.

Attached are some photos any help would be greatly appreciated

thank you

[Image: IMG_20140717_152616.jpg][Image: IMG_20140717_152555.jpg][Image: IMG_20140717_152611.jpg][Image: IMG_20140717_152616.jpg][Image: IMG_20140717_152620.jpg][Image: IMG_20140717_152625.jpg][Image: IMG_20140717_155705.jpg][Image: IMG_20140717_155716.jpg][Image: IMG_20140729_215013.jpg]
Hi Dan, at first check for loose belt or loose pulleys. Next check for shifting glass, check your Z platform for shifting/loose bushings on the right Z rod, also check :

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