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Da vinci 1.0 hack

I want to hack my da vinci 1.0 so I can Use repetier and use my own filament.
but everything seems a bit unclear to me so can anyone help me?

Thank you for starting a new post. Do you have any experience with 3D printing at all? If not, I would HIGHLY recommend staying with the stock firmware for right now just to learn the basis of how your printer works and etc. REP is an open source program and you can do damage to your printer if you don't know exactly what your doing such as slamming your extruder to the side of your heat bed . Now going to the Filament Hack, this will allow you to stay on stock firmware, What you do is you take the filament cartridge that came with your printer you apply the Reset tool to the cartridge and reset the cartridge. What this does is tricks the printer into thinking its a brand new cartridge you just bought. This way you can use your own filament and keep reseting the cartridge. If you use Repetier you do not need to use the Reset tool as Repetier is its own firmware and bypasses the need to use cartridge base filament.

Also like I said in the other thread, PLA will NOT work at all even if you use Repetier. If you want to experiment be my guess but be aware that you can clogged your extruder up on your new printer.
ABS requires a higher extruder, bed and ambient temperature than when using PLA. The Da Vinci is an enclosed printer which will keep the ambient temperature higher and avoid cooling drafts from fans or air-conditioning.

If you jailbreak the DaVinci and can set your extruder and bed temp, you will still have some issues with heat creep up the extruder barrel and no active cooling on the PLA filament coming out of the extruder nozzle. Usually, when printing PLA you will want a fan on both the extruder barrel and the exiting filament. You may also want to open the printer up to reduce the ambient temperature inside the DaVinci.

I am guessing, but I would think the DaVinci would need active cooling of the extruder, support in XYZware and the appropriate chip in a PLA filament cartridge with the correct extrusion settings to support PLA natively.
I have had no experience with 3d printer in the past but I have it half a year now and I'm very technical, but I don't know very much about software and codes and how to hack the printer but the video I watched about hacking seems doable for me...
the reason to do this to me is that a started a smal business in printing model houses for architects. and the quality of the prints I made until now is not very good it, I thinks this is also caused by the slicer in the xyzware. If I'm able to use repetier and slic3r ( and PLA ) this will improve the quality of my prints.
but If I do the hack am I able to go back to stock firmware ( because if it does not work I can stil use the printer )?
( I have already taken the extruder apart a few times ( it was not clogged ) for some research of my own )
I find I get great prints with the XYZ ware on stock firmware. You may want to check out your bed calibration. Dont expect perfect quality prints from a 500 dollar printer, 3D printers require a lot of fiddling around with and calibration.
My bed calibration is not perfect but I can't get it right. How did you level your platform? because I have to adjust it every time I print.
and can you maybe post a photo of your prints before and after the hack?
is there a way to get power for an extra cooling fan from the da vinci itself?
FYI, the other comments and replies under the filament reset thread have been moved to their own thread.

Without 3d experience, you have little to no chance of success to print in PLA. There are a few of us playing with it- I've managed printing about 45 to 60 minutes. Another claims close to 5 hours if I am not mistaken. There are design flaws in the heat sink of the extruder, including airflow issues and chamber cooling. I suspect it will only print PLA with a redesigned extruder and proper cooling. Frankly I look for XYZPRINTING to either never release pla or to offer a "upgrade kit" to make it work. Time will tell.

Some you are currently using xyz filament I would suggest you Mayer it before making the move to rep software.

Ok I also ordered an exelfiL ABS filament but that needs higher temps than standard xyz temps to work but how do I change them hacking?
But If I hack it so I can use repetier can I than return to stock xyzware if it does not work? because I really want to play with all the settings myself.
Hi Floris,

Our temperature recommendations are for optimal print results at the highest of resolutions 0.05mm.
ExcelFil has a wide, workable temperature range and printing at DaVinci standard temps is no issue.
We made many successful prints before moving to Repetier.

Just give it a try!

best regards,

So is it true that the xyzprinting filament is bad compared to exelfil? because my prints look terrible.
And what is the best way to prevent warping on large objects?
We did get better results than with the proprietary one. As we are the manufacturer don't take my word for it though :-) Let me know what you think!

We found that the DV material's diameter accuracies were off quite a bit which lead to visible lines on the surface of the prints.
In addition, and I am not sure why, I found that the temps are actually too low as well for the original filament. higher temps actually would have given better results.
Anyway, we only got this printer out of curiosity and to test our own filaments with.

We use a thin layer of the UHU glue and also make sure we do not open the printer doors (front or top) during the print to prevent warping.
Also, since we use Repetier we have reduced the Bed temperature to only 60C to get below the GTP faster.

Is there anyway I can Change the temps without hacking?
Yes you can get the filament reset tools and that will allow you to change the temperatures.
I've now got the exelfil installed and printed some things with standard xyzware and the difference is huge, it prints much better now!
Happy to hear that Floris! :cheer:
I am now printing a large object ( house ) but it is warping very much ( and I'm using UHU ). Waht can I do about this, does using kapton tape work?
Try making the bed hotter, say 100c, drop the temp of the extruded 5-10c, and male sure the door stays closed. Some have had luck by placing a blanket over the machine, but I can't recommend such because I'm afraid to damage the electronics or add to the fire if anything goes wrong. Wink

You may end up having to slice the object into smaller pieces. Abs is VERY finicky....

Hello everybody,
I'm french (sorry for my bad english). I purchase the Da Vinci 1.0 printer one month ago and i would like to know if the hacking would run with the new firmware of the printer ?
In french:

Je suis aussi français, j'ai passé mon imprimante sous Repetier et je peux t'expliquer comment faire:
-Installe arduino 1.5.8
-Télécharge le firmware pour la davinci ici: (Download Zip)
-Extraire le Zip
-Prend le fichier "variant.cpp" et colle le dans C:\Program Files (x86)\Arduino\hardware\arduino\sam\variants\arduino_due_x (Il faut remplacer le fichier)
-Ouvre le fichier Repetier.ino dans Repetier-Firmware\src\ArduinoDUE\Repetier (C'est ton dossier dé zippé)
-Éteint bien l'imprimante, démonte la trappe arrière de ton imprimante (2 vis), relie les deux broches avec un cavalier pour faire le reset. (J'ai pas de photo :/ ) Allume l'imprimante pendant quelques secondes puis éteint là. Retire le cavalier du reset.
-Allume l'imprimante
-Choisi le port Com dans Arduino
-Clique sur la flèche (Qui pointe vers la droite) ou téléverser.
-Ton firmware est installé Smile

Après tu installe repetier host pour contrôler l'imprimante, mes réglages sont ici =>

C'est assez complexe au début mais une fois les réglages fait c'est parfait

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