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Heated bed support not flat?
Hi, just I noticed my heated bed support is concave to the center, the four corners look flat when I checked it on a a 5mm glass surface. So the heated glass is lacking support on the middle, is this common?
Or I have a defective one? Can someone help me?

Hi, please can someone check? Just take a ruler and check the flatness underneath the heated bed.

I've encountered this as well. If you look closely at the structure holding the support you'll see the original design had five leveling points but for some reason they decided to only use three.
Thanks SKEstes for helping out, the concave is causing the adjusting screws not to be perpendicular to the heated bed, they dragging against the Z carrier platform and as it's plastic it will wear out the holes which are already bigger than the M3 adjusting screws causing already X, Y shifting. I'm thinking to add sleeves to M3s to eliminate that.
My problem is that every time I clean the bed from the glue stick with dump sponge, the Z platform is shaking and it goes out of calibration, the reason for that is the unglued bushings on the right Z rod.
On the right side of the Z carrier platform the bushings are sliding left right, because their not press fitted as the left side (to compensate for mechanical tolerance issues?).
Instead of having the right Z rod stand offs adjusted with a typical screw/lock washer/flat washer on chassis slotted holes, they added the slots on Z carrier, I don't understand their thinking at XYZ.

This is a big issue, to add the Z platform combo plus the glass is to heavy for the Z motor which is growling when it reaches middle to high levels. Imagine to add the prints weight as well, then it wont be far from start skipping steps.

I've got measurements, as soon as I get the bushings/hot bed stabilized, I will design a very light weight Z combo with 4 points of adjustment and linear bearings. The existing Z rods are measuring inch 5/16" which is smaller than the 8 mm bushings they use, adding more play and jitter, that applies to the X, Y as well.
Superb design!!!! :angry:

Regards to all and sorry for the long reply

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