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1.1.J corrupting prints
I used the EEPROM reset on my white filament while I was on 1.1.G and it worked great! But when I updated to 1.1.J the prints turned out awful.There were holes in it and it wasn't solid. When I printed it out in XYZ blue filiment it turned out fine. But when i put in the white cartage and printed with blue it corrupted the blue print! See the photo. I was wondering if 1.1.J can tell if you've flashed the cartage and than corrupt the print.
PS. When i reverted back to 1.1.G the white prints were fine again[Image: photo.jpg]
It's pretty much confirmed that version J logs the cartridge serial numbers and will corrupt the print if the cartridge has been reset.
Bad form, XYZ !

Look here: J firmware

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