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First Few Prints
Hey Guys,

Been lurking on here for a bit and decided to join. I got a davinci 1.0 with stock firmware sitting at version 1.1E. These prints were models created in zbrush by my wife, and sliced with slic3r. Im about to blast with repetier host and couple that with octopi but have yet to pull the trigger. Here are the prints:

[Image: AlienBust_001.jpg][Image: AlienBust_001_Back.jpg][Image: Alien_Tall_001.jpg]
Not bad! Have you considered trying acetone polishing??

Hey thanks. First 3d printer, and I am learning the ropes. My wife is a fantastic 3d artist so if I can get a grip with the printer things will be looking up.

For acetone I am experimenting with the airwolf3d method of cold acetone vapor in a paint can sealed for about 40 minutes. My first couple of items I must have left in too long. They were starting to look a bit.... zombified Smile

Any tips or suggestions for printing better quality or finishing I will certainly try it out. You dudes on this forum have already helped me out when I was lurking.

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